Why use microwave LED luminaires for underground garage lighting?

At present, there are many underground garages and car park lighting source is basically the traditional lighting method, not only power consumption, loss is also large, and the control method is basically centralised manual control, but because the underground garage needs 24-hour continuous lighting, garage lighting is often in a constant state, which is very easy to damage the lighting tube, need to be replaced often, invisible also increased the maintenance work, and Maintenance costs are also high. Some garages, in order to save electricity, only open half of the light lighting, illumination not only fails to meet the standard illumination value requirements, but also very easy to occur safety accidents. Now with the increasing popularity of intelligent lighting systems, the application range is becoming more and more widespread, some underground garages have begun to use intelligent LED light source as a way of lighting, so that the management is not only convenient, simple, but also can save a lot of electricity, can be said to be the best of both worlds. Here we have a programme for the general renovation and new underground garage, will use microwave motion sensor LED batten.

motion sensor led batten


The T8 microwave radar induction lamps are available in split and integrated versions, which can be selected according to the installation requirements, with little difference in cost. The split lamps are suitable for energy saving retrofit projects, which previously had lamp brackets; the integrated ones are more suitable for new garages, which can save the cost of brackets.

motion sensor led batten

Microwave motion sensor LED batten features: when a person or vehicle moves, the microwave radar induction lamp is 100% full brightness, working power is 28W, brightness reaches 40W fluorescent lamp 2 times. When the vehicle leaves, after a delay of about 25 seconds, the microwave radar induction lamp automatically switches to a slightly brighter state of 20% brightness, with a working power of only 6W. The overall average working power does not exceed 10W. The brightness of the slightly brighter state can fully meet the needs of security, monitoring and lighting. If someone or a vehicle keeps moving in the induction area, the induction lamp in this area is always at 100% full brightness.

motion sensor led batten light